Visiting Application

Thanks for your interest in visiting Virtual Fort Worth Air Route Traffic Control Center (vZFW ARTCC). If you are interested in transferring into vZFW, you are at the wrong page. Visit VATUSA to get started. Visiting controllers must understand that primary training will be given to vZFW Controllers and vZFW will not provide rating training to visiting controllers in accordance to VATSIM's Visiting And Transferring Controller Policy. Visitors will only be given procedure training. Controllers found to not meet the Global Ratings Policy required competency for their rating will be referred back to their home ARTCC for additional training and may be rejected or have their visiting status revoked until they meet GRP requirements. As allowed under the Visiting and Transferring Control Policy, visiting controllers are not permitted to control within the vZFW airspace until they have been certified to do so by a Virtual Fort Worth ARTCC Instructor. If you agree with the above and the vZFW Policies, please fill out the form below to get started.
I intend to apply to the Fort Worth ARTCC as a visiting controller.