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The Meet Me in the Middle FNO

Event Date: 2022-09-30 23:00:00z - 2022-10-01 03:00:00z
Event Description
There isn't any place in the world like the Dallas-Fort Worth Area! On one side of the metroplex, you'll find brick roads, smelly stockyards, and the rodeo. On the other side, tall skyscrapers, busy roads, and the Reunion Tower! You might be thinking, how do two outrageously different cities come together? Well smack down in between the two of them is the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. In 1973 the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth came together to build the third largest airport in the world, covering a whopping 17,000 acres. The DFW airport in fact is it's own working city and is larger than the Island of Manhattan.

With all that aside, whether you're a Fort Worth cowboy or a Dallas businessman... come meet us in the middle!

Time/Date: Friday, 09/30/22 2300-0300z
Feature Field: DFW

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