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Fort Worth Freedom Fly In!


Fort Worth ARTCC

Event Date:

2020-07-10 23:00:00z - 2020-07-11 03:00:00z

Event Description

Join the Virtual Fort Worth ARTCC on July 10th, 2020, from 23:00Z-03:00Z for the Fort Worth Freedom Fly-In FNO! Celebrate independence day at KDFW, and KDAL with top-down ATC services at two of Texas’s busiest airports. Fire up the barbeque grills, grab a Dr. Pepper, and load up your flight simulators. This is an independence day celebration you cannot afford to miss! 

Position Assignments

Position Name Controller
FTW_CTR Sammy Rodriguez
FTW_CTR Kyle Balatbat
FTW_CTR Joseph Rocco
FTW_CTR No Assignment
FTW_CTR John Manley
REG_E_APP Josh Hooker
REG_W_APP No Assignment
REG_G_APP Ethan Hawes
REG_N_APP No Assignment
REG_J_APP William Lewis
REG_L_DEP No Assignment
REG_Q_DEP No Assignment
DFW_E_TWR Grady Gilbert
DFW_W_TWR Mackenzie Kraus
DFW_E_GND Danny Brown
DFW_W_GND No Assignment
DFW_DEL No Assignment
DAL_TWR No Assignment
DAL_GND No Assignment
DAL_DEL No Assignment
ACT_APP No Assignment
ACT_TWR No Assignment
ACT_GND No Assignment
OKC_APP No Assignment
OKC_TWR No Assignment
OKC_GND No Assignment