Event - Info And Signup



Fort Worth ARTCC

Event Date:

2018-10-26 23:00:00z - 2018-10-27 04:00:00z

Event Description

Its time for another epic FNO, come fly in/out of the D10 on October 26. Will be featuring many different airports, from which you can fly out of. Will accept anything from a C172 to an A380. Come have a Blast

Position Assignments

Position Name Controller
CIC Marcos Garcia Tobar
FTW_46_CTR Odin Morris
FTW_96_CTR Ethan Hawes
DFW_DEL Brady Curotto
DFW_E_GND Keith Nolin
DFW_W_GND Justin Blakey
DFW_E_TWR Ryan Alliy
DFW_W_TWR No Assignment
REG_L_DEP Kenneth Fenstermaker
REG_Q_DEP No Assignment
REG_E_APP Brandon Wening
REG_W_APP No Assignment
REG_G_APP John Manley
REG_N_APP Nolan Danziger
REG_S_APP No Assignment
REG_M_APP No Assignment
REG_D_APP No Assignment
AFW_TWR Jason Helkenberg
GPM_TWR Joshua Hooker
DAL_TWR Owen Bliss
DAL_GND Noah Mazraani
DAL_DEL No Assignment
ADS_TWR Cameron Bristol
TKI_TWR Clay Brock
DTO_TWR Alex Trebus