Event - Info And Signup

I-20 Corridor


Fort Worth ARTCC

Event Date:

2019-05-26 20:00:00z - 2019-05-27 00:00:00z

Event Description

Ever driven down I-20 and just wondered what it looks like from above? Well, now you can see for your self, with this I-20 Corridor event! Come fly in with ZFW as we staff Tyler Pounds, East Texas, Shreveport, and Monroe airports from 2000-2400Z. (KTYR, KGGG, KSHV, KMLU)
ZFW This event will feature heavy both VFR and IFR traffic brush up on your VFR knowledge. If we get more controllers then positions I will open up additional positions.

Position Assignments

Position Name Controller
En-Route Nolan Danziger
En-Route Christos Kokkinomagoulos
GGG_APP Justin Blakey
SHV_APP Mackenzie Kraus
MLU_APP Sammy Rodriguez
TYR_LC Danny Brown
TYR_LC No Assignment
GGG_LC Brandon Wening
GGG_LC Lawson Moodie
SHV_LC Kurt Ernstsen
SHV_LC Jonathan Franklin
MLU_LC Kenneth Fenstermaker
MLU_LC Grady Gilbert
D10 (Support) Josh Hooker
DFW_LC (Support) Lance Harry